McKennyKrug, Inc. retains all rights, title and interest in the CBC Analysis Program (referred to hereafter as the “program”), including its individual files, charts, database and documentation regardless of what form or media on which it is presented. Unauthorized copying or use of the program or any part thereof will result in immediate termination of license and will make available to McKennyKrug other legal recourse. Any license or permission to use the program is not a sale of the program or authorization to make any copy of the program. When individual files are used or contents displayed as generated by the program, the words “copyright © 2009 McKennyKrug, Inc., all rights reserved” must be included with the display.

McKennyKrug, Inc. makes no warranty with respect to this program. The program is delivered and used “as is” with all faults as may be present in the program. McKennyKrug, Inc. makes, expresses, or implies no warranties, and disclaims any implied warranty of use for any general or specific purpose. McKennyKrug, Inc. does not warrant that this program will run error-free, will not be interrupted, or will be compatible with any specific operating system.

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